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Heels to Heal, incorporated in 2009, is now a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that raises donations to help victims of sexual assault and rape. Organized by a dedicated team of directors and volunteers, Heels to Heal, Inc. seeks the support of the community in the form of volunteers and monetary donations.  Donations are used to provide victims, who may otherwise suffer in silence, the medical and emotional help that they need during their time of crisis. 

Through private and corporate donations, along with charity events, Heels to Heal, Inc. helps to make a positive difference in the lives of sexual assault victims. It is the mission of our organization to give every victim the means necessary to start their recovery process, as well as help raise awareness in an effort to lower the occurrence of this violent  crime.

Additionally, by self-educating ourselves and others on the devastating effects and statistics of such a horrific crime, Heels to Heal makes an effort to help victims understand that they can get help and have a voice to stand up against their attacker.

The victims must realize that they have the choice and power to go through proper legal action in court and not let the attacker walk free. Through effective counseling and therapy, victims can be guided through their frightening experience and have the confidence to seek justice against their offender.


It is our goal to raise donations for victims in need of mental therapy and/or counseling services, as well as offer support and direction for those experiencing a devastating situation.

Donations that are facilitated by Heels to Heal are provided to the closest rape crisis center in the Tampa Bay Area for a victim's therapy and medical care. In any event, if there is a rape crisis center that demonstrates a need in funding, Heels to Heal would make a contribution to the center in immediate need.

The long term effects for a victim not to receive care could possibly lead to a devastating effect on their well-being. Heels to Heal is here to help and provide support!

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Heels to Heal is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization
Heels to Heal, Inc. is a non-profit charity organization that raises donations to help women and children
that have been victims of a traumatic occurrence and are in need of mental therapy/counseling services.

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